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Public talks: “Forvandlet”

I am currently writing a non-fiction book with the working title “Forvandlet” (“Enchanted”).

Now it’s time to test the material and the thoughts in a series of talks. The first even in my birthplace on October 26, presented by Spil Dansk.

In “Forvandlet”, I examine what happens to us when we listen to music. We say er are »touched« — and we are — but why and how?

If you, like me, have grown up with the understanding of music as entertainment and anything but life-changing, that is a misunderstanding. That idea has only been valid for the last 70 or 80 years.

Anthropologists, historians of religion, and brain researchers tell us that the rule in traditional cultures, and even in profane cultures like ours, is that art, whatever its form, transforms us as human beings. So when we say that music touches us, we are right. The music works.


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