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Lasse D. Hansen introducing Copenhagen Phil’s concerts

photo: Per Morten Abrahamsen

This autumn I will introduce the Copenhagen Phil’s concerts from the stage in the old Radio House. I will give historical context and personal anecdotes, and interview musicians of the orchestra.

In today’s season-opening, I explain why Wagner, if he had been born today, would probably have been an American in the tech industry, in conversation with the orchestra’s bassoonist, Signe Haugland.

The orchestra will play his overture to “Tristan and Isolde” because Wagner did not believe in the symphony. Beethoven had already perfected it, so why not spend the time on something more visionary, he reasoned. We will hear music by a young Beethoven from a time before the electric hair, the thundering eyes or Fate herself knocking on the Genius’ door. From Beethoven before “Beethoven”.

And then we shall hear Saint-Saëns, defying Wagner’s ideals, throw all his determination into a great symphony that was to revitalize the genre and heal his country spiritually. Rarely have so many decibels left the stage in the Academy’s Concert Hall.

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Concert introductions

Introductions at 17.10

Concerts at 18.00

Konservatoriets Koncertsal

Julius Thomsens Gade 1

1974 Frederiksberg C.


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