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Hosting radio specials at DR on co-creation, folk music and why music matters

In the days leading up to Easter, 11.-13. of April, I host three radio specials for the culture magazine “Udsigten” on the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s DR P2 with lots of terrific guests in the studio.

All programs are broadcast live from 16.05 to 18.00, and my guests are:

April 11: Composers roundtable: Indie Classical

  • Signe Lykke, composer, singer from Rytmekons and curator of Distortion’s Wilhelm stage

  • Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen, violinist in the Danish String Quartet and Dreamers Circus, film composer and curator of the Series of Four and DDS Festival

  • Søren Møller, pianist, composer, conductor and leader of Autor’s Kompositions Camp

April 12: The folk’s music

  • Kirstine Nurdug Jensen, folk dancer and musician, dance educator, and 4th generation in a strong family tradition

  • Morten Alfred, musician, composer, producer, podcaster and radio host on

  • David Mondrup, musician and teacher at Engelsholm Højskole

April 13: The transforming power of music

  • Jeppe Brixvold, poet and author, former principal of the Danish Academy of Creative Writing, folk musician and a central figure in the Fanø tradition

  • Niels Christian Hansen, musician and Assistant Professor, Center for Music in the Brain

  • Susanna Sommer, radio guru, storyteller and the woman behind new podcast about the music that accompanies societal change


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