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Interview in DR P2’s Danmark nu on “Karantæne” score

DR P2. Max Fage-Pedersen and I had a great conversation about my score for the Royal Danish Theatre’s online play “Karantæne (Quarantine)”.

The music was masterfully recorded and sung by The Royal Danish Orchestra’s musicians and the theater’s actors with bass baritone Simon Duus as the terrific soloist – all from their own living rooms and summer houses.

My esteemed friend Cecilie Sadolin mixed and mastered the many recordings into a beautiful whole.

The performance was created in what felt like the minutes after the lockdown by the visionaries Anna Schulin-Zeuthen and Eirik Sæter Stordahl and it is the most fun I have had in a long time.

Listen from 01:07:00 – along with exciting interviews and music from Louise Gorm, Taïga String Quartet and I Think You’re Awesome at the beginning of the broadcast.


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