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Co-host and co-creator of DR’s new culture magazine “Udsigten”

“Udsigten” is DR P2’s new daily culture magazine, where we looks at the world of music and culture, and tries to connect points with broader thematic lines. And then we talk a little more, interview some slightly different types, research topics over several weeks and months.

Signe Amtoft and I hosted the first broadcast yesterday, where we, among other things. listened to Liva Weel, Turkish protest classical music, a choral work for over 1000 amateur singers and Dolly Parton. At the end of the program, I explain how Haydn’s string quartets are democratic, twelve-tone music is communist and Richard Reed Parry’s “Music for Heart and Breath” makes room for the man in the regime.

This afternoon, the topic is democracy again when Carsten Wolf Andersen and I are watching people closely. I play a bit from my absolute favorite records from within the last few years created in the minutes, days, and weeks after Trump’s inauguration.


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